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Sartorius Aluminum Sample Pans 80x (Lot of 2 Boxes) Order No. 6965542

USD $139.00

National Instruments BNC-2121 Shielded Connecter Block

USD $229.00

PCB Piezotronics 333B30 Accelerometer

USD $309.00

Jasco RAS-500 Grazing Angle Reflection Attachment

USD $379.00

Siemens SCX-CAS05 80200021 1-pin CAMAC(LEMO) to BNC Cable

USD $459.00

Ugo Basile 37300-002 Heat-Flux Radiometer

USD $479.00

HP 16076A System Test Module

USD $499.00

Escort 3146A Dual Display 5.5-digit Multimeter

USD $499.00

LakeShore 330 Autotuning Temperature Controller (For Parts/Not Working)

USD $579.00

Keithley 7002-HD High Density Switch System

USD $599.00

Leybold Inficon 758-500-G1 Deposition Monitor

USD $649.00

Thorlabs Pro 800 w LDC8002 LD Controller PDA 8000-2 PD Amplifier Test Platform (For Parts or Not Working)

USD $649.00