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Nikon CF Plan 20x/0.40 Microscope Lens

USD $159.00

Nikon CF Plan 10x/0.30 Microscope Lens

USD $159.00

Nikon CF Plan 5x/0.13 Microscope Lens

USD $159.00

Nikon CFWN 10x/20 Eyepiece (pair)

USD $159.00

Olympus MPlan 5x/0.10 Objective Lens

USD $209.00

Melles Griot 59LGM205 Macro Invaritar 0.5X Lens

USD $219.00

Rodenstock Modular-Focus Lens

USD $219.00

Nikon CF Plan 50x/0.45 Microscope Lens (For Parts/Not Working)

USD $259.00

Hayashi Luminar Ace LA-100USW Light Source W/Fiber Optic Light Guide

USD $279.00

Leica 10429783 MS5 Microscope Tube

USD $279.00

Navitar 0.5X Adapter 1-60439, Body Tube 1-6232D , 0.5X Lens Attachment 1-60110

USD $299.00

Zeiss Epiplan – Neofluar 10x / 0,30 HD Microscope Objective Lens

USD $319.00

Leica CLS 150X Light Source

USD $329.00

Vision Engineering Dynascope Microscope Head

USD $349.00

Olympus SZ40ESD Stereo Microscope

USD $379.00

Olympus SZ40 Stereo Microscope

USD $429.00

Leica GZ6 Stereo Zoom Microscope

USD $479.00

Nikon SMZ645 Stereo Microscope

USD $479.00

Olympus DP71 Digital Microscope Camera with Cable

USD $499.00

Leica CME Binocular Microscope with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Oil Objective Lens

USD $529.00

Nikon SMZ660 Stereo Microscope

USD $529.00

Olympus SZ4045 Microscope with 15x Eyepieces

USD $529.00

Toshiba IK-C44H 58 CCD Camera with IK-CU44 Camera Controller

USD $549.00

Nikno SMZ-2B Microscope

USD $549.00

Nikon LU Plan ELWD 20x/0.40 Objective Lens

USD $569.00

Nikon Controller 11D13117 with 11D12378-B Joystick for Toolmaker Microscope

USD $679.00

Leica MS5 Stereo Microscope with 10445302 25x/9.5B Eyepieces

USD $719.00

Olympus SZ61 Compact Stereo Microscope (For Parts)

USD $729.00

Olmypus SZ6045TR Microscope (No Eyepieces)

USD $779.00

Olympus SZ51 Compact Stereo Microscope

USD $829.00

Leica CTR6500 Microscope Controller

USD $849.00

Olympus SZ61 Compact Stereo Microscope

USD $929.00

Applied Materials AMAT 0090-06490 Heated Pedestal Assy 0020-47194-002

USD $949.00

Leica S6E Stereo Microscope

USD $949.00

Correct Seiwa Optical SKZ800 Microscope Head

USD $979.00

Olympus DP70 Digital Camera with Cable and PCB Board

USD $1,029.00