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Julabo F250 Compact Recirculating Cooler

USD $1,349.00

Mirae ST Puris Expe-CB Ele 10 Water Purification System

USD $2,249.00

Thermo Neslab RTE 10 Digital Plus Bath Circulator

USD $2,549.00

TA Instruments DSC2920 Modulated DSC with Refrigerated Cooling System (For Parts/Not Working)

USD $2,899.00

Brookfield TC-650MX-230 Circulating Refridgerated Bath

USD $3,299.00

SMC HRS024-A-20 Chiller

USD $3,299.00

SMC INR-244-602A Thermo-Con

USD $3,999.00

Thermo Scientific A10B Refrigerated Circulator with SC100 Controller 230V

USD $4,399.00

Varian 938-41 Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector

USD $4,899.00

SMC HRS150-A-20 Thermo Chiller (For Parts – Untested)

USD $12,999.00

Agilent SCO2 E2760D Chiller (For Parts, Untested)

USD $14,999.00

SMC HRG015-A Thermo Cooler

USD $15,999.00