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Cambridge Technology 6860*232 Galvo Motor

USD $279.00

Newport SOM-80Z Stage with Newport 426 Series

USD $529.00

Matsui MC-5L Mold Temperature Controller

USD $899.00

Matsui MCN-30L Mold Temperature Controller

USD $1,599.00

Yamaha QRCH Robotic Controller

USD $1,599.00

Sutter Instrument P-97 Flaming / Brown Micropipette Puller

USD $2,999.00

Pace Technologies HV-1000Z Digital Microhardness Tester

USD $5,749.00

Tengwei TW-RT30 Semi-Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

USD $6,999.00

Instron 5848 MicroTester with AH1637 Environment Chamber and BlueHill2 software (For Parts – Untested)

USD $19,999.00

Jipelec UVRTP03A Thermal Annealing Process System

USD $27,999.00

Werth Video-Check IP 400 3D CNC Measuring System 400x400x200mm

USD $29,999.00

LPKF MicroLine 2820CI UV Laser Cutting Machine 15W

USD $49,999.00